Legal Recruitment Made Easy

If you’re a law firm operating in the UK, the challenge of finding bright new talent can be exceptionally difficult. Quite simply, where do you turn?

Consider your options

Recruitment agencies or consultants are popular for some, particularly those that specialize in the legal sector. However, they can be expensive and some argue that it can be difficult for them to ever truly know and understand your business. Advertising in appropriate publications can also come with a substantial cost with little or no guarantee of success.

A third option could be a job board. The wider boards reach a greater number of people, but a board that specializes in legal recruitment implies your job is being posted on a site that serves mainly to your industry. What’s more, you can take comfort in knowing that the candidates browsing the site are diligent enough to know where to look.

Get access to the best

You’ll want to have access to outstanding candidates in the legal market, including paralegals, NQs, Assistants and Associates. Make sure which ever legal recruitment agencies you use can provide this. Some will charge you placement fees, while others can deliver you candidate details direct without that charge.

Unlimited job postings

There are many different payment models that legal recruitment agencies will use to charge for their service. From placement fees to annual subscriptions. If you’re likely to be recruiting for numerous positions throughout the year, the latter option could be your best option. By paying an annual fee, you should be able to advertise for unlimited jobs without having to make further costs.

Go where the candidates are

The best candidates will have done their homework and found a service that most benefits their particular needs. By thinking about where that is, you could meet them there. Candidates are looking for transparency – particularly when it comes to jobs having identifiable employers – and the largest selection of corporate law jobs to search through.

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