A Look At An IRLI

An IRLI implies to Immigration Reform Law Institute. It is an organization that was founded by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (or FAIR) and acts as their legal arm to work on legal cases that deal with the laws and regulations surrounding the country’s current policies on illegal immigrants and how those polices impact U.S. citizens.

The stated objective of the IRLI is to work “exclusively for protecting the lawful rights, privileges, and belongings of citizens of United States and their community from the harms caused by an immigration that is unlawful.” In other words, they have taken the stance that illegal immigration can and does hurt American citizens, and their staff is on hand to offer legal and legislative assistance to U.S. citizens, businesses, or organizations that have, in some way, been harmed by illegal immigration.

Both the IRLI and the Federation for American Immigration Reform believe that immigration in such large numbers is extremely problematic, but IRLI also brings attention to those companies and organizations that allegedly do not follow current immigration laws and hire or harbor illegal residents.

The IRLI works with both businesses and individual citizens in different types of cases. They consult with individuals who claim that they have experienced discrimination in the workplace, either because the companies would rather hire illegal immigrants at or lower pay rate, or because the individual voiced displeasure about the company’s policies toward hiring illegal residents. The IRLI claims that because they have limited resources, they can only get involved with a small percentage of cases where legal help is requested, but they have already started the litigation process on many cases like these.

In the business world, IRLI focuses on representing or consulting with companies that claim to be suffering because of unfair business practices. When one company hires illegal immigrants, they will likely have an unfair advantage over the competition because they could conceivably lower their costs by a drastic amount. This can result in lost revenue, contracts, and profits for the companies that restrict themselves to hiring only U.S. citizens.

According to the IRLI and the Federation for American Immigration Reform there are many problems associated with illegal immigration. For example, they say that working conditions and wages for citizens have steadily gone down because employers discriminate in favor of illegal immigrant labor. They also point to the businesses that suffer because of the unfair practices mentioned above.

The possibilities for litigation don’t stop there, though. The IRLI also cites problems like illegal immigrants in schools that demand or require special treatment which takes up resources and hurts the experience of other students. They have also participated in litigation against landlords that have created difficult living conditions by filling their properties with illegal residents. The IRLI has even pointed to environmental stresses that result from so many influxes in the immigrant population.

The IRLI continues to serve as the legal affiliate of the Federation for American Immigration Reform at the state and local levels to challenge the laws it views as soft on illegal immigration, and the organizations or companies that try to get around the laws that are already in place.

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